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Farming and Framing go well together, right? Same letters just a different arrangement. I use eggs from my hens for my egg tempera paintings, the feathers from my turkeys for some fine painted finishes, and the fruits and vegetables as a source of nourishment and inspiration (sometimes using them for still life paintings.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Once Upon a Time there was a Sunny Day....the opening of the Library and Gardens at Maine Historical Society

For nearly two decades we operated our frame shop and gallery on Congress Square in Portland. During that time, we were so tied to being in the shop that we rarely were able to participate in any of the events in town. Since moving our shop to Topsham nearly two years ago, we have gained more freedom to attend the meetings, openings, and festivities put on by so many of the groups we have held memberships with.

Without exception is the Maine Historical Society. We have matted, framed, restored and replicated frames for so many of their projects over the years yet we rarely have been able to attend any of their events. So when they announced the grand re-opening and dedication of their library and garden, I knew I couldn't miss out.

I saw a lot of familiar faces at the Annual meeting which was held before the opening ceremonies. And I made a lot of new acquaintances too. After the meeting, curator Laura Sprague gave us a tour of the exhibit. "Re-Collected." It was a great assembly of items from the collection dating from the 17th c. to the 1970s: my favorites were the 17th c. Trelawny ledger, Benedict Arnold's journal, the plaster life mask of Abraham Lincoln by Wendell Volk, the daguerrotype portrait of the sculptor Paul Akers as a youth, and the unused tickets from Elvis Presley's August 16, 1977 Portland concert.

We have been inundated with rain here in Maine over the past month. So when the skies parted as the band played the Pennsylvania Polka, the Opening and Dedication of the renovated Alida Carroll and John Marshall Brown Library and Longfellow gardens became very festive! It was standing room only under the tent where the speeches were delivered about the long history of the Maine Historical Society. Even the Brown's granddaughter was in attendance. It was great to participate in this event along with the rest of the Maine community, and to see the fruition of so many years of planning...we now have a state-of-the-art library and the restoration of the beautiful Longfellow Gardens.

Now that I've gotten a taste of getting out of the shop, and socializing with so many friends and clients, I look forward to seeing everyone at more public events!

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